Onshore wind

RWE Renewables is keen to further enhance the onshore wind pipeline in Poland

As one of the leading investors in renewable energy in Poland, we are interested in leasing locations for onshore windfarms throughout the country.

Onshore Wind power has grown to become the most efficient renewable energy source during the past 20 years. In addition to the number of wind turbines, the capacity of the individual units has grown enormously.

We are already one of the largest operators of renewables and onshore wind farms of more than 8.6 GW all around the world. In Poland, we have developed almost 500 MW of onshore wind capacity and 20 wind farms.

Examples of RWE’s onshore wind portfolio in Poland

Żnin onshore wind farm

RWEs 20th onshore wind farm in Poland has been commissioned by the end of 2023. Żnin consists of 16 wind turbines with a total capacity of 48MW which can supply up to 77,000 Polish households with green energy.

The wind farm is located near the town of Żnin in Kujawsko-Pomorskie, about 260 kilometers east of Szczecin.

Żnin onshore wind farm | RWE in Poland

Nawrocko onshore wind farm

RWE Renewables commissioned its Nawrocko onshore wind farm near Szczecin in April 2020. The wind farm can supply up to 15,000 households with green power with 3 Nordex wind turbines with a turbine height of 120m and a total capacity of 7 MW.

The site is part of a cluster including the existing wind farms Wysoka I and II with a combined total capacity of 62 MW.

Nawrocko onshore wind | RWE in Poland

Rozdrażew onshore wind farm

RWE comissioned its Rozdrażew onshore wind farm in May 2022 after 14 months of construction. The wind farm with its seven turbines, has a total capacity of 16.8 MW and can supply enough green energy to meed the needs of more than 27,000 Polish households. 

Rozdrażew is the 16th onshore wind farm by RWE in Poland.

Rozdrażew onshore wind | RWE in Poland

Image credits: TENSEC

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