Leasing land for tomorrow's photovoltaic projects

RWE Renewables Poland Sp. z o.o. will gladly leases land for PV power plants

The world leader in renewable energy sector, RWE RENEWABLES Poland Sp. z o.o. is looking for land to lease for the purpose of the Solar Power Plants location throughout the Poland. We guarantee advantageous financial conditions and transparent form of cooperation. We are a reliable business partner, which has its own generation sources and operates in the market for more than 125 years.

We do believe that every spectacular undertaking begins with a piece of undeveloped land – the greenfield. If you are interested in a fruitful cooperation, do not hesitate to contact us and fill-in contact form below. 

Your benefits


Stable and solid 30 years leasing income

Full handling
Full handling

RWE covers whole project life cycle - from development to operation


Guarantee - projects are developed according to Polish law and fulfill all environmental requirements

Solar site requirements

  • Requirements for plots bigger than 50 ha

    Size of area in total min 60 ha (not more than 5 landowners per 50 ha)
    Distance to the substation (110KV) max. 10 km per 50 ha
    Soil class IV, V or VI (no organic soil; only soil of mineral origin; no land described as forest area in land register)
    Local Master plan only if decision process is still ongoing
    Without Local Master plan ok for us, we intend to develop based on local zoning decision
    Ground profile Flat areas are ideal; Slope >15% can be excluded; no north slope > 5% 
    No GOs Contaminated land; deposits of natural resources; forest planning area; flooding areas
    Limitations of the landscape to be made transparent in map
    • Crossing pipeline (gas, water, oil, etc.) and grid lines  are not a no go but would reduce the area of land which can be used for solar
    • Archeological area
    • Protective nature area

Five steps to successful land leasing

Step 1: Fill the contact formula below. Remember to fill all required data.

Five steps to successful land leasing

Step 2: The plot identification data will be checked by RWE employ

Five steps to successful land leasing

Step 3: RWE will perform an initial screening and check if the plot is suitable for PV.

Five steps to successful land leasing

Step 4: If the plot is suitable, RWE will contact the land owner with the preliminary land lease offer.

Five steps to successful land leasing

Step 5: After the LLA is signed the development process will be executed by RWE employ.

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