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RWE Solar

Photovoltaic activities of RWE Renewables Poland

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Leasing land for tomorrow's photovoltaic projects

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RWE Renewables is keen to further enhance the PV pipeline in Poland and to lease for this purpose locations for solar power plants throughout Poland.

RWE Renewables Poland Sp. z o.o. is a subsidiary of the international utility RWE which is one of the leading players worldwide in the area of renewable energy. RWE has been an active investor in Poland for more than 10 years. By offering advantageous financial conditions and a transparent way of cooperation, we manage to build up long term and trustful partnerships. Our partnership starts with the signature of the land lease contract and last throughout the whole lifecycle of the project which is expected to be more than 30 years. 

We do believe that every spectacular undertaking begins with a piece of undeveloped land – the greenfield. If you are interested in a fruitful cooperation, do not hesitate to contact us and fill-in contact form below.

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Project value chain

2-3 years

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Initial Analysis

At the beginning of each project RWE performs a detailed analysis of the site and potential grid connection options. We focus on those projects with a very high likelihood of success.

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Project Development

We benefit from more than 10 years of development experience in Poland. Our team has in depth knowledge about all development stages and considers its external stakeholders as long term partners.

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RWE is listed on the German stock exchange has a market capitalization of more than 20bn Euros. RWE does not need bank financing for its PV projects  but can rely on its own strong balance sheet.

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The combination of our global engineering hub in combination with local engineering resources guarantee that our projects will be developed with the highest technological standards.

1-2 years

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For the construction works we rely on top tier EPC companies which are closely lead by our inhouse construction managers. This way we ensure a smooth construction phase and high heath and safety standards.

30-35 years

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Sale of Electricity

RWE has managed to be successful in the Polish auction for renewable energy with all its three technologies (Offshore Wind, Onshore Wind and Solar). As an alternative we can rely on our dedicated PPA team. For example our Windpark Nowy Staw sells its electricity via a PPA to Asahi breweries.

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Operation & Maintenance

A high availability of our plants is key for the long term profitability of the project. Therefore, we put a lot of effort into the maintenance of our PV parks. This way we are confident that the PV park could be operated for at least 35 years from a technical perspective.

2 Months

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At the end of the lifetime of each PV park we completely decommission the plant and return it to its pervious status.

For landowners

Leasing land for tomorrow's photovoltaic projects

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RWE Solar

Ul. Prosta 32
00-838 Warszawa